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Sigikid - Rattel-Raupe PLAYQ Sigikid - Saddle bead PLAYQ
The lively rat caterpillar PLAYQ by Sigikid brings joy to every baby carriage and crib with its friendly face and vibrant colors. The different textures and soft filling invite you to grab, feel and cuddle, while the gentle rattling...
€19.90 *
Sigikid - Spieluhr Löwe Sigikid - Music box Lion
The lion music box by Sigikid is a piece of childhood that provides security and accompanies dreams. With its mischievous smile and colorful mane stripes, the lion stimulates the little ones' senses and quickly becomes a loyal companion,...
€25.90 *
Sigikid - Spieluhr Faultier Sigikid - Music box sloth
The sloth music box by Sigikid is an indispensable companion for your baby. With its friendly face and soft, cuddly arms, it offers comfort and security when falling asleep. The soothing melody that sounds when you pull the ring is a...
€29.90 *
Sigikid - Mini Spieluhr Esel Sigikid - Mini toy donkey
The mini music box donkey by Sigikid is more than just a toy, it is a loyal companion for your baby. The ears in soft turquoise with playful patterns, the cheerful polka dot bow tie and the bright green legs are a feast for the senses -...
€22.90 *
Sigikid - Mini Spieluhr Schäfchen Sigikid - Mini music box sheep
The "Sheep" mini music box by Sigikid is a real eye-catcher with its fluffy head and lively, striped scarf. The soft, green body colour and pink feet are a lovely contrast that matches the gentle character of this playmate. The...
€22.90 *
Sigikid - Spieluhr Schmetterling Sigikid - Music box butterfly
The Sigikid butterfly music box is a little work of art of joy. In bright red and orange, with cuddly soft wings and cheerful stripes, it casts a spell over every baby. The gentle melody that sounds when the string is pulled invites you...
€18.80 *
Sigikid - Mini Rucksack Fuchs Sigikid - Mini Backpack Fox
Great for daycare! The mini fox rucksack from Sigikid is the perfect accessory for little explorers. With a lovingly designed fox face that lights up on the front and the high-quality material that can take on any adventure, this...
€29.00 *
Sigikid - Trinkflasche Frido Feuerwehrmann 400 ml Sigikid - Frido fireman drinking bottle 400 ml
The "Frido Fireman" stainless steel drinking bottle by Sigikid is not only an eye-catcher, but also a practical thirst quencher. With its bright red colour and the brave fireman who is ready to put out any fire, it inspires heroic deeds....
€17.90 *
Sigikid - Trinkflasche Hunde 400 ml Sigikid - Dogs drinking bottle 400 ml
The stainless steel "Dogs" drinking bottle by Sigikid is not only practical, but also a real friend for your child. The cheerful dogs playing on the silver background encourage laughter and storytelling. The bottle is robust, easy to...
€17.90 *
Sigikid - Trinkflasche Pony 350 ml Sigikid - Pony drinking bottle 350 ml
The "Pony" drinking bottle by Sigikid with its soft pink colour and friendly pony face makes every drinking break an experience. With a capacity of 350 ml, it is ideal for nursery, school or outings. The practical screw cap with drinking...
€12.50 *
Sigikid - Schale aus Melamin - Hund Sigikid - Melamine bowl - dog
The cute melamine "Dog" bowl by Sigikid is perfect for your little one. With a cheerful little dog in the centre wearing a chic green bow tie, this bowl is not only a useful utensil, but also a charming companion throughout the day. The...
€4.90 *
Sigikid - Teller aus Melamin - Hase Rosa Sigikid - Melamine plate - Pink bunny
The "Bunny Pink" melamine plate by Sigikid is the perfect companion for your child's first independent attempts at eating. With its enchanting bunny motif on a soft pink background and the soft white tones, it is an invitation to a...
€5.50 *
Sigikid - Becher aus Melamin - Bär Sigikid - Melamine mug - Bear
The "Bear" melamine mug by Sigikid , in retro brown tones and cute bees, is the highlight on every child's table. The orange stripe on the rim adds a splash of colour and makes the mug a real eye-catcher. It is robust, lightweight and...
€5.50 *
Sigikid - Brotdose Tiger Sigikid - Lunchbox Tiger
With the "Tiger" lunch box by Sigikid , every meal becomes a fun jungle adventure. The cheerful tiger on the blue, wavy patterned lid will awaken your child's curiosity and appetite. The dark blue base is spacious and thanks to the...
€9.90 *
Sigikid - Brotdose Pirat Sigikid - Lunchbox Pirate
The "Pirate" lunch box by Sigikid is a real eye-catcher and drops anchor straight into the hearts of little adventurers. The lively scene on the lid transports your child to the world of pirates, treasures and exotic islands. The dark...
€7.90 *
Sigikid - Brotdose Fuchs Sigikid - Lunchbox Fox
The "Fox" lunch box by Sigikid is a real eye-catcher and a loyal companion for your child. The cheerful fox on the grey patterned lid invites exciting stories, while the bright pink colour of the box itself inspires creativity. The box...
€9.90 *
Sigikid - Brotdose Hase Sigikid - Lunchbox Bunny
The "Bunny" lunch box by Sigikid with its enchanting bunny on a pink dotted background is a dream for every child. The box is practical and spacious, ideal for a balanced snack. The inner divider helps to arrange the food attractively...
€9.90 *